The art of storytelling is the oldest form of creativity in humankind. From time before language, humans have communicated events and feelings to one another through paintings, gestures, music, and re-enactments. Today, the entertainment industry has amazing ways with which to continue this storytelling tradition in word and film, using seemingly unlimited technology to inform, evoke, and inspire. The digital world has provided boundless opportunities of creative promise to reach more people - and in so doing, to touch more hearts.

At FAN Entertainment & Media, our vision is to be discriminating and selective in choosing impactful and relevant stories to share with you across all media platforms. We want to stimulate conversations as a result of reading one of our books or seeing one of our films, whether due to a stark response or heartwarming comfort; to not only affect you as you read or watch, but to create an insight or understanding you may not have had before, and an appetite to know more. In short, through our creative projects, we want to "fan" contemplation and discussion, perhaps even providing you with a different awareness or perspective of the world. It is our hope that by utilizing media to speak to the commonalities of emotions between us, we can overcome the differences of circumstances among us; and most importantly, we want to touch YOUR heart.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring you our stories.