The Silent Civil War:

How The Murder Of George Floyd

 Exposed The Hidden Depths Of Racism In America

By Nan O'Brien

Foreword by Dr. Cornel West

Introduction by Ben Vereen

The undeniable inhumanity displayed in the video of the nine minutes, twenty-nine seconds it took for the life of George Floyd to drain away under the murderous knee of Derek Chauvin was the impetus for a Second Civil Rights Movement. The fierce, divided response to his death also revealed an ugly truth - how deeply entrenched the roots and viewpoints of racism in America truly are.

In this raw discussion of racism in America, including the 2022 mid-term elections, author Nan O'Brien presents an honest portrait of the subtle cultural divisiveness that has quietly been waged in American society against the Black Community for generations - the Silent Civil War - which can no longer be hidden beneath a facade of racial equality and political correctness.

The Silent Civil War includes an historical review of racism in America beginning with slavery; the bases for the Civil War and the racial implications of its aftermath; the laws and policies that have contributed to systemic racism in America, from the Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, to the recent Supreme Court rulings; the impact of the Civil Rights Movement; the ongoing nature and impact of systemic racism, which came to a public crescendo and awareness after George Floyd’s murder; the accelerating racial censorship movement in education; and the political climate of White Supremacy within domestic terrorist organizations and Republican leadership that is permeating the country today. It is a book that is positioned for an academic market for sociology and political science coursework, as well as the general public.

Through the use of personal anecdotes of Floyd Family members, combined with an historical review of racism supported by facts and figures, this landmark book provides irrefutable evidence of the true landscape of racial disparities in America today, and the revelatory impact George’s murder has had on that understanding.


Release date Summer 2023

$29.95 (288 pages) 

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The Unknown Rockwell:

A Portrait Of Two American Families

In the Spring of 1943, Norman Rockwell, his wife Mary, and their three young sons moved into the farmhouse next door to thirteen-year old Buddy Edgerton in West Virginia. Edgerton's heartwarming memoir chronicles life growing up on a rural Vermont dairy farm and the close, though unlikely, friendship between the Edgerton and Rockwell families that has spanned more than eight decades.

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