Mr. Wheaton has extensive legal experience in all media forums. In the literary genre, he has a long history of managing the affairs of bestselling authors, as well as expertise with story acquisition and negotiation, contracts, public relations, and media relations. Mr. Wheaton is also a renowned and respected media expert representing producers and broadcasters. He is frequently invited to appear on major broadcast programs as one of a prominent short list of media experts in America. Mr. Wheaton is Legal Counsel for FAN Entertainment & Media.

‚ÄčMs. O'Brien's professional

background is rooted in writing, publishing, and marketing. She is also a noted motivational speaker. As a published author, Ms. O'Brien has written critically-acclaimed books on a variety of subjects, including memoirs, psychology and self-help, and inspirationally-themed titles.  She recently co-authored a textbook for Columbia University Press, Community Economic Development In Social Work. Ms. O'Brien serves as the Creative Director for FAN Entertainment & Media.

Frank K. Wheaton, Esq. and Nan O'Brien formed FAN Entertainment & Media after a long professional collaboration on creative projects spanning more than a decade. They successfully brought The Unknown Rockwell: A Portrait of Two American Families to market with critical acclaim in 2009 (soon to be a major motion picture). The combination of their respective backgrounds, talents, and professional expertise creates a dynamic synergy that is unique - presenting modern day storytelling to the public through books of compelling subject matter and evocative themes that inspire thought and further discourse.