Life is becoming increasingly hectic, with more demands on your time than ever. But, taking care of yourself is critical to taking care of others. So here's a personal challenge: Sit down for 30 minutes each day to simply read a good book! Consider the half hour you spend reading as an investment in YOU! Click on "Books" to see some great titles for your "me time."




Going to the movies is a wonderful way to be swept away into worlds of romance, history, overcoming adversity, or major life accomplishments. Coming soon, FAN will be announcing several film projects "in the works." Stop back by for updates, and accompany FAN along the wondrous journey from script-to- screen!

At FAN Entertainment & Media we believe it's important now, more than ever, to bring positive messages to the public through various media platforms.

We invite you to browse our new site and to come back often as we add more exciting book and film properties to uplift, inspire, and motivate you.

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The art of sending cards is not lost! Even though digital connections are fast and easy, it's nice to get a piece of snail mail once in a while! At FAN, we are currently in production of a line of inspirational cards to send or even to frame. A companion gift line completes a coordinated way to let your loved ones know you care. COMING SOON!